•   SAT     1st APRIL 2017
  •   SUN     2nd APRIL 2017


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Sunnybroms Sale Rules       

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  • The Front entrance of the Caloundra Event Centre is wide enough for two trucks side by side. There is plenty of room but it is for short term deliveries and you must be prepared to share the space. You are about two meters from the wide glass foyer entry doors ( no steps)
  • There is ample underground parking for vehicles (under 2m high) There is a staircase from the undercover car park to the foyer (Note: no lift, but disabled parking out the front). Large trucks can be safely parked in the council car park across the road at the back entrance to the Event Centre.
  • The Foyer is a large space, and will hold our registration area and Societies displays. On the right side is a café, bar and veranda area. Lounge area is to the left. The Event Centre booking office is in the middle of the foyer.
  • Competition areas are through the double doors to the left side of the booking office
  • We have booked a large area which we feel will accommodate delegates wishing to sell their plants and for the competition, presentation, and banquet.


  • You will be allocated space per seller depending on the number of sellers. We hope to be able to meet all your requirements.
  • The Sales room will be LOCKED and NO entry allowed outside of sales times except by vendors and SCBS volunteers for the setup and re stocking.
  • Plant Sale times will be broken into distinct segments.
  1. –      Raffle Winners First Entry
  2. –      Registrants only
  3. –      Public Sales.
  4. Times will be clearly shown in our Program and on our Web site
  • We will prepare the sales room with tables and cloths as necessary.
  • We will reserve the right to check customers bags on exit (signs to advise buyers of this will be on the doors) but we obviously cannot guarantee there will be no thefts
  • We will have volunteer Sale Room Marshalls / Security and our Packing and Till volunteers will also be vigilant


Allocated Sales Space
  • Sellers are not expected to attend their tables at all times, but please keep your space well stocked.
  • Stick to your allocated space, Excess plants and boxes must be contained in allocated space, under your table, in your vehicle, or in the SCBS holding area if room permits
  • All stands, shelves, or other display equipment you intend to use in the display area MUST be pre-approved by the SUNNY BROMS committee who will monitor its safe use
  • An A4 poster and/or business cards etc may be displayed in your sales space.
  • Acceptance of sales space implies your full agreement to abide by the rules of this document
  • All plants are to be pre labelled using 2 part tear off paper labels. Both halves of label MUST carry your ID Code and price ( ID Codes will be given to you when you register for the conference and will be your own ID Code throughout the conference)
  • Plant prices set at the beginning of the Conference must remain in place for the entire Conference period – ie NO PRICE CHANGES
  • A further anti-theft is to add the name of the plant to the label.
  • For potted plants, stick the top half of the label to the pot.
  • For unpotted plants it is your responsibility to ensure labels are firmly attached to the plant and cannot be swapped for a lower priced label.
  • Suitable pot labels are available from Conference Committee for a small price
  • Be sure your labels are acceptable BEFORE arriving. It is your responsibility to register your intent to sell and use your ID number on ALL sale material.

Plants for Sale
  • To be respectful to other sellers, please bring only quality plants – free of disease/pests, viable, and appropriate for Bromeliad collectors. We reserve the right to remove plants which we consider are below the standard expected
  • Plants grown in a Fire Ant treatment area must be accompanied by ARMP documentation
  • Pots and Plants must be clean and free of water. Sales Stewards will be monitoring this.
  • Plants may NOT be removed until bump-out time. Check your program for this

15% commission will be deducted from sales to hopefully cover costs. Treasurers Ralf and two assistants will totalize, deduct commission, write receipts, and distribute your cheques and cash as quickly as they can during the conference.  Please do not hassle them – (that is when mistakes are made).

If you have any concerns or are unsure of anything please contact us in advance and we will do our best to help you.