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Opening 6PM 30th March – Cocktail Event -Introduction of Speakers – Raffle for Early Entry to Plant Sales


Sunnybroms on the Sunshine Coast, the 19th Australasian Bromeliad Conference, hosted by the Sunshine Coast Bromeliad Society Inc.in Caloundra, Queensland, Australia. 30 March to 2 April 2017.

April is a great time to visit South East Queensland.   Beautiful one day, perfect the next.    
The only thing to make it better is a Bromeliad Conference

Why not come and experience  our warm hospitality while visiting some of our really great gardens and nurseries?

  • Wide range of genera
  • Rare and exotic plants
  • A collector’s delight
  • World class presenters
  • Interesting Topics
  • Keynote speaker—Chester Skotak

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Contact: sunnybroms@icloud.com

Address:   The Secretary, SCBS Inc.,  1 Portland Quay, Maroochydore. Qld. 4558