Dr Theresa Bert

Dr. Terrie Bert is a longstanding member of the Sarasota Bromeliad Society (SBS) and the Caloosahatchee Bromeliad Society and has held multiple offices in the SBS. She also served the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies (FCBS) as  a  representative and officer for  eight  years  and  hasauthored  articles for the FCBS Newsletter.   For the Bromeliad Society International, she has been a  Florida  Director, chaired several international committees, and contributed articles to the BSI  Journal.

Currently, she is Librarian, Curator of the Wally Berg Award of Excellence, and a Master Judge. Terrie has given over 100 presentations on bromeliads to numerous U.S.and international bromeliad societies and other groups.  She cultivates more than 2,000 different bromeliads in 30 genera.  She’s won multiple top awards in local  bromeliad shows and BSI world conferences.   Terrie has a Ph.D. in marine biology and is a research scientist for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.