Some of the gardens which we are considering for tours are:-

Garden 1  – Buderim Bromeliads 

Yves Daniel and Lindsay Gerchow are landscape gardeners who are mad about Bromeliads

On their 2000+ square metre property, Belle Rive, on the hillside at Buderim, about ¾ of the space is dedicated to bromeliads. In fact they had to buy the property next door to accommodate their growing obsession

As well as amazing carpets of this diverse species, the pair have other amazing” rooms”within their property

The poolside garden area is the property’s largest open space – created to take advantage of the magnificent views of the Sunshine Coast. But the area is shade and brought to life with sub tropicals like bougainvillea and more temperate plants like conifers

The side of the house is home to a traditional old fernery

CLICK HERE    to view Photos

Garden 2  –  Dandaloo Nursery


CLICK HERE  to view Photos

Garden 3  –  Wildfire Garden

CLICK HERE  to view photos

 Garden 4  –  Garden of Dreams

Please indicate which gardens you wish to visit:-

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